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What had you expected? That this page was not under construction? Hahahaaaa!

Moving to the U.S.

I'm gonna move to the US for a while (to Petaluma, CA), so here is the page (Link zu deutscher Seite/Link to english page) with all the info on it.

Computers and stuff

Pic of Tux.

For a cool operating system, check out Linux. It is Free Software. If you want freedom, consider supporting Opencontent, the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Debian is probably the most free of all Linux distributions, which is one of the reasons I'm using it. Here is the online version of a Debian book from O'Reilly. Current news about the Debian project can also be be found.

The Link zu deutscher Seite LinuxTag is the largest Linux fair in Europe, and a cool event for meeting other Linuxers. In 2000, it takes place in Link zu deutscher Seite Stuttgart, Germany.

I'm belonging to the Link zu deutscher Seite Linux User Group Stuttgart, the meeting dates are Link zu deutscher Seite here. LUGs in Germany can be found at Link zu deutscher Seite

The godly stuff: Emacs and XEmacs. In case you haven't already heard of them, they are editors, but not just normal editors. Gnus, for example, is a full-fledged news- and mailreader, and runs under both Emacsen. See some screenshots from Robin Socha.

If you are afraid dealing with the Gods, try WinEdt, a powerful editor for Windoze.


Metal and Core. Don't try the following links of you don't know what this is.

Pakeni and Nasum are really cool bands, as are Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, good friends of mine (beware, site uses Shockwave).

Two other great bands I just found pages of are Pitch Shifter and Godflesh. That's the hard Industrial style.

Austrian gods Pungent Stench are here, R.I.P. Martin Schirenc is now with Hollenthon.

Link zu deutscher Seite/Link to english page Cudgel Agency: Jens and Besen have a great spectrum of the best music. They are also hosting the Link zu deutscher Seite/Link to english page Fuck The Commerce open air, the greatest event for the fans of hard music in Germany. Forget "With Full Force".

A friend of mine has set up a page that specializes in EBM and Industrial music, Link zu deutscher Seite check it out.


If you encounter dead links on this page, please inform me (Kann deutsch!/Accept english).

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